DyNet-SFLAT6-CABLE Flat Cable

DyNet-SFLAT6-CABLE Flat Cable

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Cable roll and cable kits for faster installation

Flat data cable is specifically designed for high reliability localized network wiring as found in residential applications. In addition to a conductor pair for data, conductors are provided to supply DC power to network powered peripherals.


Product Description

Overall shield for maximum data integrity – The data cable is flexible and all conductors are stranded.

Fast termination – Designed for rapid crimp termination into RJ12 plugs for use with Philips Dynalite products supporting RJ12 sockets.

Supply options – Available in 200 m rolls or in pre-terminated leads of 3, 5 and 10 m lengths.

Utilize DDPB22RJ12 network junction box for faster installation – Facilitates termination of 22 DyNet flat cables in one location.

Ordering Code:
200 m roll 12NC – 913703095009
10 m lead 12NC – 913703041109
05 m lead 12NC – 913703041209
03 m lead 12NC – 913703041309

▪️ Specification Sheet (May 2017)
▪️ Leaflet (Jan 2018)

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