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Why Lutron?

Enhance Comfort & Convenience. Impove Safety & Security. Increase Productivity and Save Energy.

Lutron Benefits for you

Properly designed systems allow beneficial daylight into a space, while managing glare and heat gain, preserving view, and saving energy. 

Lutron offers solutions and specification tools that add value throughout the project process by ensuring your building has the right shades, in the right place, at the right time.

  • Maximize building energy performance
  • Enhance occupant comfort
  • Improve producity
  • Ensure a sustainable working environment
Intelligent shadding Precise control from wall controls, personal controls, or a mobile device. Shades also adjust automatically in response to sensors.

  • Performance shading

Automated shading solutions, combined with spec grade solar screen fabrics and Hyperion solar-adaptive technology, will have the greatest impact on building performence.

  • Architectural solutions

Lutron’s Engineering Services team sets a new standard in design and specification support – we can help you design an architectural shading solution to make your vision a reality.