Specialists in Philips Dynalite Automation Systems Australia Wide

UNSUI // Vivid Sydney

Client JHA Consulting Engineers
Location Sydney
Scope Of Work Lighting installation and programming

Project Detail

The practices of Zen Buddhism give us the name of the installation, a term which literally translates as “cloud water”, but as used in ancient Zen poetry, it represents a meditative state:

to drift like clouds and flow like water.

Unsui invites participants to suspend, for a moment, their habitual state of being and allow themselves to be transported by a cloud-like mist to a place of tranquillity and stillness.

Automated installed and programmed the following equipment which was donated by Philips:

  • Antumbra Display
  • Envision Gateway (Network Gateway)
  • DDTC001 (Timeclock)
  • DDRC1220FR-GL
  • DDNP1501(Power Supply)
  • DDRC810DT-GL
  • DDBC120-DALI

Find out more about UNSUI and the Vivid Sydney festival 2017 here.