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Vivid Sydney - Dynalite Lighting Control

Automated Lighting Up Vivid Sydney

Automated is proud to be a contributor to the upcoming Vivid Light Show in Sydney, scheduled to kick off on May 22nd 2015.

Automated has been commissioned to supply and program advanced Dynalite Lighting Control technology to 3 of the Vivid sites:


Artists: Mark Gregan / Leo Trimboli / Catalina Chica / Patrick O’Dowd

Exposed reveals the interior worlds of three giant humanoid figures, each of which is transparent and captured in the moment of taking a step forwards.

Dynamic lighting effects reveal their inner workings. The first figure has the internal veins and organs of a human being, the second has the mechanised movements of a city, and the third shows connecting elements in nature.

The theme of the artwork is inner connection, suggesting humans are as much a part of the city as the city is a part of them. We are intrinsically connected with each other, with our environment and with ourselves.


Artists: Patrick Girdler and James Lauman

Tide is designed to recreate the experience of diving under a breaking wave. The aim of this intense visceral and sensory experience is to leave participants refreshed, rejuvenated and renewed.

The installation takes place in the Surgeons Court laneway, creating an experiental pathway between its entrance and exit. As participants approach, they first hear a beach soundscape – children playing, flies buzzing, waves breaking – the familiar sounds of summer. A vast and gleaming wall of light fills the space in front of them. As they move towards the installation it begins to lift and fall with the sounds of the waves, inviting them forward.

Participants then ‘dive’ under the waves; the sounds suddenly become more muted, the light dims, and they can enjoy a moment of quiet and solitude. As they ‘break the surface’, the light becomes dappled and once more gently moves to the sounds of the waves, guiding them towards the exit.


Artists: Angus Stevens & Frances Ng

Spêctra explores the way space is perceived by challenging and confounding our perception of light with the use of continuing and repeated colour phasing. As a result, every person will affect and be affected by the installation in a different way.

The work is made from a framed aluminium cube, covered in a stretched translucent sheet of Barrisol PVC. It is internally lit by LEDs, controlled through a digital interface.

Spectra interprets our ‘trichromatic’ colour vision, which is made possible through the three ‘cones’ in the retina of the human eye. Each of these responds to a different wavelength of light and, by combining them, ‘create’ colour. The three input sensors in front of Spectra represent the red, green and blue cones. When each individual sensor is activated, that correlating shade of red, green and blue will incrementally add or subtract to create ‘all possible colours’ inside Spectra, challenging our perception of colour.

The average human eye can perceive over 10 million colours. How many can you see within Spectra?


Vivid 2015 kicks off in Sydney from the 22nd May. Check out for more details.

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