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As Australia’s premier lighting experts, we know how important CAT5e cable is for your business. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to find—until now.

We’re excited to announce that Automated now has cable in stock, and it will be here whenever you need it. No more waiting for backorders to come through — you can get the cable you need from Automated directly or through one of our electrical suppliers.

About Automated cable

The cable you get through Automated is just what you need to get the job done. Our CAT5e cable has all the right specs, and is always in stock. So it is available whenever you need it.

Automated’s cable performs exactly as you’d expect of CAT5e scheduled cable. It is available and can be sent to you immediately. Never let your customer down again with long lead times.

Take a look at our fact sheet for more information about the specs of our cable.

Save when buying cable in bulk 

Is cable something you use frequently for your projects? You’re in luck. Not only is Automated here to make sure you always have access to cable when you need it, but we’re also helping you save on overhead costs.

When you buy cable in bulk through Automated, you’ll enjoy discounted rates that can bring down your overall expenditure.

Purchase Automated’s cable today

Need cable or Dynalite products for a project? There’s no reason to wait, contact Automated now.

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