UNSUI // Vivid Sydney 2017

Vivid Sydney Festival 2017
Client JHA Consulting Engineers
Location Sydney NSW
Scope Of Work Lighting installation and programming

Project Detail

The practices of Zen Buddhism give us the name of the installation, a term which literally translates as “cloud water”, but as used in ancient Zen poetry, it represents a meditative state:

to drift like clouds and flow like water.

Unsui invites participants to suspend, for a moment, their habitual state of being and allow themselves to be transported by a cloud-like mist to a place of tranquillity and stillness.

Automated installed and programmed the following equipment which was donated by Philips:

  • Antumbra Display
  • Envision Gateway (Network Gateway)
  • DDTC001 (Timeclock)
  • DDRC1220FR-GL
  • DDNP1501(Power Supply)
  • DDRC810DT-GL
  • DDBC120-DALI

Find out more about UNSUI and the Vivid Sydney Festival 2017 here.