eHUB DALI Meeting Room Lighting Control Solution

DALI Meeting Room Lighting Control Solutions have evolved with the RAPIX eHUB

The RAPIX DALI eHUB is a 100% DALI compliant controller. It enables sophisticated control scenarios needed in modern DALI meeting room lighting control solutions with unbeatable value for money.

With the ability to plug and play RAPIX switches and sensor the eHUB solution can be installed and programmed quickly and easily.

The RAPIX eHUB DALI Meeting Room Lighting Control solution is simple for the electrical contractor to install and program themselves, using a template programming approach.

The simple hardware configuration and rapid programming capability make the eHUB an ideal solution for every meeting room requiring lighting control smarts, inexpensively.

A complete, stand-alone DALI Meeting Room Lighting Control Solution which is simple to install and easy to program

DALI Meeting Room Lighting Control Made Easy

Sometimes all your project needs is some lighting control smarts in the meeting rooms, but not in the main open office space.

The RAPIX eHUB is a powerful, cost effective solution for delivering these DALI meeting room lighting control solutions simply and easily. Simply connect one eHub to the DALI line and the input devices such as push button switches, rotary switches, occupancy sensors and light levels sensors which include a single DALI line only.

The RAPIX eHub is able to be programmed via RAPIX software to provide customised lighting control, including:

  • Multiple Scene / Pre-set selection via wall panel
  • Automatic control via occupancy sensor with manual override for presentations
  • Integration to light level sensor(s)
  • Multiple Dry Contact Inputs for low level system interface
  • Manual control via push buttons and rotary dials on wall panels
  • Service multiple meeting rooms from a single device
  • Audio Visual System Integration via direct Ethernet
  • Program offsite to save time.

RAPIX modular switches are wall switches for the RAPIX Lighting Control System which fit in standard Australian wall switch grid plates. RAPIX modular switches function as eHub input peripherals.

RAPIX modular switches are available as ‘masters’ or ‘slaves’.

• Available as push button, rocker and rotary switches.
• Master RAPIX modular switches connect directly to the eHub.
• Slave RAPIX modular switches connect via master RAPIX modular switches
• RAPIX modular switches are configured in RAPIX software to perform a wide range of functions and each modular switch (both masters and slaves) includes two software configurable LED indicator colours, white and amber.

RAPIX modular switches configured for a six gang wall plate. The configuration comprises of one master and five slave push button switches, the optional labelled button caps have been used.

Connect these Products to the eHUB for Even More Control