The eHub is a RAPIX lighting control system device which connects between input peripherals and a DALI line.

The eHub manages input peripheral power requirements, as well as embedded logical functions and DALI communications. The connected input peripherals, such as RAPIX modular switches and PIR sensors, are then able to communicate with a DALI Line.

The eHub includes connections for four smart input peripherals, and two additional input connections for occupancy sensors and/or dry contacts. Up to 24 eHubs can be connected to a single DALI line, with each eHub drawing only 2mA from the DALI line making it ideal for sophisticated control in modern commercial applications.

The eHub is suitable for locating in a ceiling void. fits through a standard 90mm downlight hole and is configured via the Diginet RAPIX software suite.

The eHub Features

Main Features

  • Four connections for RAPIX smart input peripherals (switches, sensors, etc)
  • Input sockets for quick and easy input peripheral connection
  • Two connectors for occupancy sensors and/or dry contacts inputs
  • Programmed via DALI
  • Suitable for mounting in a ceiling void and fits through a 90mm down-light hole

eHub Technical Details

  • LED indicators for power, DALI and Ethernet
  • Support for 32 ‘Zones’, Zones being collections of DALI Groups and/or DALI Short Addresses
  • Support for up to 16 DALI scenes and (additionally) 16 RAPIX scenes
  • Configurable input peripherals actions.
  • For example, a RAPIX modular switch can be configured as a toggle dimmer, memory dimmer, long press fade time, double tap action and many other configurations.

The eHub Anatomy

Suitable for all applications. From standalone lighting control in boardrooms to multi-story office buildings

The powerful  eHub is able to provide flexible, stand-alone DALI based lighting control solutions for smaller lighting control applications such as boardrooms, meeting rooms, classrooms and office foyer areas.

Typical single DALI line RAPIX installation

For a powerful solution for boardroom and similar applications, simply connect one eHub to the DALI line and the input devices such as push button switches, rotary switches, occupancy sensors and light levels sensors  which include a single DALI line only.

The RAPIX eHub is able to be programmed via RAPIX software to provide customised lighting control, including:

  • Multiple Scene / Pre-set selection via wall panel
  • Automatic control via occupancy sensor with manual override for presentations
  • Integration to light level sensor(s)
  • Manual control via push buttons and rotary dials on wall panels

Typical multi DALI line RAPIX installation

eHubs form part of a completely integrated RAPIX Lighting Control System with multiple DALI Lines.

In these installations, inputs on a particular eHub is can trigger events to occur in any part of the system, on any DALI line or combination of lines. eHubs can also respond to commands initiated on any DALI Line.

Downloads: Datasheet | Installation Guide