RAPIX Zone Controller

The RAPIX Zone Controller is an embedded Ethernet/DALI controller for the Diginet RAPIX Lighting Control System that supports seamless joining of individual DALI lines in a building.

Each Zone Controller can connect up to four physical DALI Lines and communicate over an Ethernet network to lines on other Zone Controllers.

The controller software allows DALI Devices and DALI Groups across any DALI Line to be linked together to form DALI Xi ‘Zones’ and ‘Scenes’ to suit the application.

The rules engine in the controller can run user-configurable scripts to track and control DALI devices based upon events in the system.

The Zone Controller Features

  • 12M wide DIN rail mounted embedded controller for the RAPIX Lighting Control System.
  • Physical connection to four on-board DALI lines
  • Two Ethernet ports with in-built switch for daisy chain connections
  • LCD screen and control buttons with menu driven control interface for easy programming and commissioning
  • Powered via external 5-12Vdc supply
  • Configured using RAPIX Integrator software tool

  • Line joining between DALI lines; on a single controller and / or across controllers
  • Zone creation – Zones being collections of DALI lines and / or DALI Groups and / or DALI Short Addresses
  • Zone joining – link Zones to form larger zones
  • Zone rules – configurable logic based on states of Zones, DALI Groups and DALI Short Addresses
  • Scene control across all connected Zone Controllers and DALI lines.

The Zone Controller Anatomy


The Zone Controller connects to the following:

  • Up to four, separate DALI Lines, with up to 64 DALI devices (each with a DALI Short Address) connected to each line
  • An external SELV 12Vdc power supply to power the zone controller
  • An Ethernet connection to allow communication to and from other Zone Controllers, PC’s running RAPIX Integrator software, or other RAPIX compatible devices
  • RS-232 connection (future use)

LCD and Control Buttons

The Zone Controller includes an LCD interface and seven control buttons.

The powerful menu system provides an array of system control and information options to assist commissioning and on going maintenance.

Typical high level RAPIX system architecture

All DALI lines in a RAPIX system connect to a Zone Controller (up to 4 DALI Lines per Zone Controller).

The Zone Controllers are connected together using a standard Ethernet network, allowing all DALI communication to be shared across the entire system, rather than being restricted to one Line.

Connections between a Zone Controller and an eHub

RAPIX eHubs manage input device DALI communications, power requirements, and logic functions.

eHubs connect directly to a DALI Line, which are in turn connected to a Zone Controller. The DALI commands generated by eHubs are seen and interpreted by all Zone Controllers. These DALI commands are therefore able to control any combination of DALI control gears and DALI output devices on any DALI Lines in an installation.

eHubs do not require a DALI Short Address and draw only 2mA from the DALI line. Up to 24 eHubs can be connected to a single DALI line.

Downloads: Datasheet Installation Guide