Light Level Sensor

The Light Level Sensor (DGOZ-LLS-M) can be used as part of a RAPIX Lighting Control System to control a space based on ambient light measurement.

The RAPIX Light Level Sensor connects directly to an eHub and is used to measure light levels in a space and send this information to the eHub for logic processing. The required operation of the light level sensor/eHub is configured in the RAPIX Integrator software package.

Up to three RAPIX PIR occupancy sensors can optionally be directly connected to the light level sensor.


  • Connects to and powered from a RAPIX eHub.
  • 0 to 4000 Lux sensing range.
  • Allows connection to three PIR sensors.
  • Fits standard Australian wall plate aperture.
  • Suitable for ceiling and wall mount.
Download: Datasheet