RAPIX Visualisation Software

The RAPIX Visualisation Software (DGOZ-VIS-5C, DGOZ-VIS-3K, DGOZ-VIS-10K) enables a user to configure a Graphical User Interface (GUI) to control, monitor and schedule DALI devices on the RAPIX Lighting Control System.  The user interface can be made available on a PC application, a web browser or a smart phone.

Besides providing system visualisation the RAPIX Visualisation Software also acts as a cost effective and efficient BMS Integration tool for BMS system such as BACNET, LON, Modbus and more.


  • Quickly create customised user interface using drag and drop tools
  • Schedule editor for creating real time based event scheduling
  • Import building floorplans
  • Simple BMS and 3rd party integration with BACNET, LON, MODBUS and more
  • Control and monitor via PC application, web browser or smart phone application

Download: Datasheet