LCD Colour Touch Switch

The RAPIX LCD Touch Switch (DGOZ-TCSW-LR35) provides a wall mounted control interface for the RAPIX Lighting Control System.

The switch is fully configurable via RAPIX Integrator software, with a maximum of 20 touch- based buttons (over 4 pages).

Each button can be assigned real names and a range of graphical interface options are selectable from a collection of themes.

To enable quick and easy installation, the switch connects directly to a RAPIX eHub smart input, with no need for a separate power supply connection. It is designed to be mounted using standard Australian wall switch mounting brackets and wall boxes.


  • 3.5” colour LCD with resistive touch overlay
  • Up to 20 software configurable control buttons
  • Ability to show progress of fading operations (up, down) and timer operations
  • Optional fall-back page which can be configured to show a blank page, time, date and time or a definable logo

Download: Datasheet