RAPIX Switch Accessories

RAPIX Switch Accessories provide an innovative, simple and effective way to modify the appearance of RAPIX Lighting Control System’s modular switch plates. This can be done easily, in seconds, on site by facility managers and building owners without the need to order new equipment or experience extended delays associated with equipment replacements.

Just another way RAPIX Lighting Control System saves everyone time and simplifies maintaining your RAPIX Lighting Control System.

Coloured Bezel Kit for LEDsmart and RAPIX Push Button Dimmers/Switches/Timers 


This kit allows LEDsmart Push Button Dimmers, Switches and Timers and RAPIX Modular Push Button Switches to be customised to provide a blue, orange or green indicator, rather than the standard white indicator.

The Retaining Bezel on a LEDsmart or RAPIX Push Button is supplied with a clear finish. This allows the white LED indicator to provide a white glow around the button. The clear bezel can be replaced with a green, orange or blue version supplied in the kit. This changes the colour of the LED indicator from white to the colour of the replacement bezel.


Kit Contents


A – Bezel and Dial Removal Tool

B – Push Button Retaining Bezel – Orange

C – Push Button Retaining Bezel – Blue

D – Push Button Retaining Bezel – Green


Installation Instructions

Downloads: Coloured Bezels GuideAdapter Kit Guide