RAPIX. Exceptional Outcomes.

RAPIX provides clients exceptional project outcomes, lowering total cost of ownership for their property’s lighting control and monitored emergency performance, installation, and maintenance.

A Secure Commercial Lighting Control Platform Offering Lot Connectivity and Exceptional Project Outcomes. Save Time, Energy and Money with the Future of Commercial Lighting Control.

Here are a few of our services:
  • Supply of Rapix hardware to electrical contractors and trade customers;
  • On site programming of Rapix systems;
  • Remote programming of Rapix systems;
  • Testing and commissioning of Rapix installations;
  • Troubleshooting Rapix system faults;
  • Rapix hardware and software upgrades;
  • Ongoing maintenance of Rapix systems;
  • 24/7 call out support services for Rapix systems.

  • 100% DALI Compliant, fast to design;
  • Secure out-of-the-box;
  • WELLS Standard application ready;
  • Fast, secure integration to modern buildings;
  • Frictionless system integration via open API;
  • Reduces switchboard and space requirements;
  • Tunable White ready.

  • Simple, reliable lighting control;
  • Plug and play maintenance;
  • Space utilisation mapping capabilities;
  • No subscription fees for cloud services;
  • No data ransoming. It’s yours, you own it;
  • Healthy building applications and Circadian rhythm ready.

Facility Managers
  • National support network;
  • Plug and play replacement of faulty components;
  • Cheap, simple restoration of tenant lighting services;
  • No data ransoming provides lower total cost of ownership;
  • 100% DALI compliance means no vendor lock-in;
  • Integrated monitored emergency to Australian and DALI standards.

RAPIX Explainer Video…